Global Professional Wrestling setting the gold standard


Brawn " The Lumberjack" 
Height:  6’2”
Weight:  230 lbs
Hometown- The Northern Regions
Finishing Move: Saw Mill Slam.

Rage:  Mitch Blake
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 285 lbs
Hometown - Coppertowns, New York
Finshing Move: Grand Slam
​& Triple Diamond

Battle Royal Barry  "BRB"

Bio coming shortly

Beau Tatum
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 240 lbs
Hometown: Fairfield, IL
Finishing Move: Dark Country

​​The Miller Time Chris Miller 
Height:  6' 0"
Weight:  238lbs
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Finishing Move:
Sitout Spinbuster 

Chazz Moretti
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 224 lb
Hometown: New York City, NY
Greatest Manager at GPW

Charlie,  Jr.

Bio forth coming 

"Mad Dog" Ivan Manson
Height:  6'
Weight:  280 lbs
Hometown: Division Street, Chicago, IL  
 Finisher:  Manson Stunner
Member of "THE FAMILY" 

Manager:  Charlie, Jr.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight:  285 lbs
Hometown: Haddonfield Illinois
 Finisher: Spine Buster
Debut: September 12 1999
Trained by Brandon Bishop.
"In death, the life you’ve led
is the  legacy left behind.

Jay Kross 
Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 315 lbs
Hometown: Sticks of Wisconsin 

Finishers: Lariat 
1 half of the Hellbillys , Member of Team S.O.B

Backwoods Brown
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 400 lbs
Hometown: Sticks of Georgia
Finisher: The Blackout and The last call 
1 half of the Hellbillys

Jose Magnifco
Height: 5' 5"
 Weight:  125 - 2 lbs burritos
Finisher: Dous Amigos and Frog Splash
Hometown: Mexico, Mo.

C Red
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Best Kept Secret
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
C.Red, a world renown manager
Dress code 2nd to none.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 212 lbs
Hometown: Black Hill Sanitarium
Finisher: Shock treatment drop

Willie Richardson, Jr. 


Mr.  Ricolo

Yabo Gustobo

Floyd Stir

Jack Moody
Height:  Claiming to be 6' 12" 
Weight:  335 lbs
Finisher: Mood Buster and The Mood Swing
Hometown: Trophy Club, Texas

Rage: Tommy Madux

Fury: Jeffro King
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 222 1/2 lbs
Hometown: Copperstown, NY
Finisher: The Grand Slam 
Part of the Rage and Fury 

Marshe Rockett  Name: "AllDay" 
Height:  6' 4"
Weight:  265 lbs
City: Chicago, IL
Finisher: M80 and 24/7

Matt Alecia

Jaggernot "Mike Strong"


Nick Culter

Joey Rose

Spot Monkey: Brad Sievers
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 369 lbs (Combined)
From: Spotsylvania, VA
Famous Move: Spot Fest

Jake Andrews

Louis A. Tufano
Nicknames: Shrek, 2 Count Lou 
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 250lbs
Hometown:  Chicago, IL
Been in the Wrestling Business for 24 Years

 GPW Fans are the Best around 

Spot Monkey: Doug Preston
Height: 5' 7" 
Weight: 369 lbs (Combined)
From: Spotsylvania, VA
Famous Move: Spot Fest

The Beast

The Crusader

Maverick Cage  "The Physical Specimen" 
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 233 lbs
Hometown: Belfast, New Finisher: The Mav-Land York

Michael A. Nawrot

Brandon Blaze

Brandon Nelson

Bo Hollywood 

Calendar KRU

Calendar KRU

Alfie Omega


Matt Dewar

Angus McDuff

Johnny Thunder


Craig Swan

Steve Ahrendt
​"General Manager"

Eddie Vendetta
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hometown: Springfield, IL
Famous Move: Knockout Artist

Steve Kenton


Jack St. Patrick